BJA Magnetics manufacturers Micro-Magnets™ for a number of applications. These include industries as diverse as medical applications, medical devices, micro motors, and sensors.

We can provide magnets in Neodymium Iron Boron, SmCo, Alnico, or any other magnetic material, and offer coatings and platings that are biocompatible, including Parylene and Titanium cases.

One of our most technologically sophisticated magnets is a Micro-MagnetTM designed for a medical application. This magnet is offered in Neodymium Iron Boron with energy products up to 52 MGOe, and coated with an inert biocompatible protective coating.

bja magnets micro magnet
bja magnetics micro magnets

In addition to medical applications, uses include micro sensors for use with Hall Effect Chips, and reed switches, wrist watch movements, and micro motor designs.

The diameter can be supplied as small as 0.010” [0.25 mm], with tolerances after coating or plating as tight as ±0.0003” [±0.008 mm], depending upon material.