Alnico Magnets

Developed in the 1930s, Alnico magnets have several attributes that continue to make them the workhorse of the modern permanent magnet industry. Their name is derived from the primary chemical composition of the alloy; AlNiCo – Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt, [balance is Fe (Iron)].

Alnico - Cast

Alnico - Sintered

Alnico - Bonded

The History of Alnico

In 2005, an R&D program was begun to develop improved structural strength, high energy grades of Cast Alnico 9.


Compression Molded Alnico

A fairly recent addition to the traditional cast and sintered Alnico line is the Isotropic “Bonded” Alnico magnet.


Common Applications for Alnico

Alnico, with its versatile magnetic properties, finds common applications in various fields


Attributes of Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets’ compact crystalline structure yield relatively high density resulting in good mechanical strength and maximum energy products. Having the lowest temperature coefficient of Br [TcBr] of any commercial magnet material (-0.02%/°C), results in exceptional uniformity of magnetic properties over a wide temperature range.

Approximately 90% of room temperature magnetization is retained at temperatures up to 538°C. Cast Alnico magnets offer the highest operating temperature of any magnet material; up to 450 – 550°C. Because of their optimal chemical structure, they exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and can be cast into various shapes.

Sintered Alnico magnets are mechanically the strongest of the Alnico series, and with the benefit of close tolerance pressing they’re ideally suited for small complex shapes, typically with minimal finish grinding.

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