Hard Ferrite/Ceramic


Hard Ferrite/Ceramic Magnets

The chemical composition of Ferrite magnets is SrO-6(Fe2O3), Strontium Hexaferrite. The raw materials used to produce ferrite magnets are strontium carbonate and iron oxide, both of which are readily available and low in cost. As a result, the use of ferrite magnets in most applications is more economical than other materials.
Ceramic - Injection Molded

Ceramic - Sintered

Ceramic - Bonded

Ferrite/Ceramic Magnetic Performance

Sintered Ceramic/Ferrite magnets are formed by compaction in dedicated, multi-cavity dies followed by sintering in high-temperature furnaces.


Common Applications for Hard Ferrite/Ceramic

Ferrite magnets, prized for their affordability, serve as crucial components across a diverse array of applications.


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