Are you looking for micro-magnets for your next medical application, medical device, micro-motor, or sensor project?

With the size and power restrictions posed by certain industries, it’s challenging to find magnetic materials that can fit the bill and still provide reliable performance.

BJA Magnetics’ Micro-Magnet™ is the perfect fit! We offer magnets in Neodymium Iron Boron that are as small as 0.010″ in diameter, with energy products up to 52 MGOe, and with a protective coating for biocompatibility. Our technology also offers tight tolerances after coating or plating of ±0.0003″. Whatever your magnetic needs might be, trust BJA Magnetics’ Micro-Magnet™ to get the job done quickly and reliably!

Versatile Material Options

Available in a diverse range of materials, with optional biocompatible coatings and platings if needed

Magnetic Experts

Highest quality & most advanced
magnetic materials

Precision Perfection

Crafted with precision and care to meet your demanding needs

Don’t let size restrictions or lack of performance compromise your project’s success. With BJA Magnetics’ Micro-Magnet™, you can confidently move forward with your medical applications, devices, micro-motors, or sensor projects, knowing that our reliable and powerful magnets are up to the task.

Experience the difference that our small, but mighty, Micro-Magnet™ can make in optimizing your project’s performance. Trust in our technology, reliability, and precision — because at BJA Magnetics, we understand that every detail matters. Contact us today to explore how our Micro-Magnets™ can elevate your project to new heights!