Permanent Magnets


Permanent Magnets

Ensuring the quality of your product is paramount, and it’s crucial to have magnetic components that align perfectly with your specifications. You deserve materials that not only meet your precise needs but also adhere to your standards, providing success and reliability of your product.

With BJA Magnetics, you can access the full range of permanent magnet materials available. No matter what application you’re using them in — from aerospace to automation/manufacturing to medical or robotics — you’ll get proven compliant magnets and know that your product will function as desired and be up to code.

Unmatched Quality

High-quality, reliably sourced permanent magnets, available in intricate configurations for your specific needs

Master of the Industry

Experts in the 90 thousand ton/$10 billion rare earth magnet market

Trusted Experts

Applications backed by specialists you can trust for expert advice and support

Corrosion-Free Materials

Industries like aerospace, automation/manufacturing, medical, and robotics require reliable materials that can withstand corrosion in even the harshest environments.

That’s why BJA Magnetics offers Corrosion-Free (CF) NdFeB materials that are specifically designed to resist rapid deterioration from even extreme environmental conditions.

Our CF material is available in all grades of NdFeB, and when plated with our patented 1000-hour B117 NiCuNi plating, you get unparalleled protection that allows your industry to remain safe and efficient.

Don’t compromise on magnetic quality or compliance. With BJA Magnetics, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-tier, reliable permanent or corrosion-free magnets that meet all your needs and industry standards. Our expertise in the vast rare earth magnet market coupled with our commitment to providing personalized support makes us a trusted partner for all your magnet requirements.

Whether you work in aerospace, automation, medical, or robotics applications, we’ve got you covered. Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with choosing BJA Magnetics. Get in touch with our specialists today and take the first step towards superior performance and compliance with our custom permanent magnets!