Design Assistance & Prototyping


Magnet Design Assistance & Prototyping Services

Enjoy the impact of quicker, more efficient prototyping cycles for your aerospace, robotics, manufacturing or medical engineering team. While magnetic components and precision magnetic assemblies can be challenging to design and optimize, your timeline doesn’t have to suffer

With BJA Magnetics, our experienced team will work as an extension of yours to provide fast turnaround times and efficient designs. Our in-house prototyping capability allows us to build fully integrated prototypes quickly and accurately, so you won’t waste time waiting around.

From magnetic modeling and complete analysis to complex holding force calculations and manufacturability analysis, the BJA Magnetics engineering staff offers expert design assistance and prototyping so you get the magnetic solutions your project demands.

Advanced Magnetic Modeling

Magnetic modeling (2D and 3D analysis of your application)

Hall Sensor Design

Design relationships for your Hall sensor and application specifications

Thorough Analysis

Complete analysis, including studying the effects of operation and release points

Whether you’re working with switches, latches, pulse counters, or ratiometric/linear Halls, we can help you optimize your application specifications and ensure the best possible performance.

So why wait? Take advantage of our expert design assistance and let us bring your magnetic solutions to life. Reach out to BJA Magnetics today and let’s start transforming your ideas into reality.