Magnetizing & Recycling


Magnetizing Services

BJA Magnetics has an edge up on the industry with state of the art in-house magnetization equipment. Many magnet and assembly applications should be built prior to magnetizing, due to the added strength offered by that process.

BJA provides clients a safer environment by offering you the option to magnetize your magnetic assembly post manufacture. BJA also offers testing on customers’ existing magnets. If you ever question the saturation and strength of a magnet contact us, we can help!

Enhanced Safety & Efficiency

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can magnetize your assembly after it’s built, significantly enhancing safety and reducing the risk of damage during handling and assembly.

Quality Assurance

Unsure about the saturation and strength of your magnets? Our expert team at BJA Magnetics offers comprehensive testing services for your existing magnets.

Environmental Stewardship

Rare earth metals used in magnets are limited, and improper disposal can harm the environment. To help, we offer a professional magnet recycling service for secure and responsible disposal.

Magnet Recycling Services

As more technology advances, so do our magnet recycling needs. But where do you go to ensure the safe and proper disposal of these items?

With the rare earth metals used in magnets becoming increasingly limited, it’s vital to protect these resources and minimize potential damage to the environment.

BJA Magnetics isn’t only a leader in manufacturing magnetic assemblies tailored to your specifications; we also prioritize safety and environmental responsibility. As part of our commitment, we offer a professional magnet recycling service that guarantees secure and responsible disposal. With our help, you can protect these precious resources while contributing to environmental conservation.

Our state-of-the-art magnetization equipment allows us to offer the unique service of post-manufacture magnetization, providing a safer environment for our clients. Plus, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our green facility, reusable packaging solutions, and magnet recycling program.

Join us in our mission to provide high-quality magnetic solutions while preserving our environment. Contact us today to start your project, inquire about our recycling program, or learn more about our services.